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Ascorbic Acid




L-Ascorbic acid, L-Threoascorbic acid, Antiscorbutic factor, Vitamin C

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Ascorbic Acid

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Ascorbic Acid Properties

White crystals


antiscorbutic, antiviral


analgesic, antipyretic


Physiological antioxidant. Coenzyme for a number of hydroxylation reactions; required for collagen synthesis. Widely distributed in plants and animals. Inadequate intake results in deficiency syndrome s such as scurvy. Used as antimicrobial and antioxidant in foodstuffs.


ChEBI: The L-enantiomer of ascorbic acid and conjugate acid of L-ascorbate.

General Description

White to very pale yellow crystalline powder with a pleasant sharp acidic taste. Almost odorless.

Air & Water Reactions

May be sensitive to prolonged exposure to air and light. Sensitive to moisture. Soluble in water. Aqueous solutions are oxidized by air in a reaction that is accelerated by alkalis, iron and copper. The rate depends on the pH and on oxygen concentration. Also subject to degradation under anaerobic conditions.

Reactivity Profile

L(+)-Ascorbic acid is a lactone. Reacts as a relatively strong reducing agent and decolorizes many dyes. Forms stable metal salts. Incompatible with oxidizers, dyes, alkalis, iron and copper. Also incompatible with ferric salts and salts of heavy metals, particularly copper, zinc and manganese .

Fire Hazard

Flash point data for L(+)-Ascorbic acid are not available; however, L(+)-Ascorbic acid is probably combustible.

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