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Ferrous Fumarate




Ferrous fumarate, Iron(II) fumarate


Ferrous Fumarate
Ferrous FumarateN/A

Ferrous Fumarate Properties


Ferrous fumarate is the ferrous salt form of fumarate. One of its most important applications is being used as iron supplements for the treatment of iron deficiency and anemia. It has been demonstrated that application of ferrous sulfate drops or a single daily dose of microencapsulated ferrous fumarate sprinkles plus ascorbic acid both result in successful treatment of anemia without remarkable side effects. However, recent studies have also shown that compared to other iron supplements, ferrous fumarate has a highest rate of inducing adverse reactions such as erosive mucosal injury in the gastrointestinal tract as well as nausea, vomiting and epigastric discomfort.

Chemical Properties

brown to reddish-brown powder




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Cancelo-Hidalgo, María Jesús, et al. "Tolerability of different oral iron supplements: a systematic review." Current medical research and opinion 29.4 (2013): 291-303.

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