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Flos Magnoliae Oil


Flos Magnoliae Oil; Magnoliae Oil

Essential Oil

Flos Magnoliae
Flos Magnoliae OilEssential Oil

Flos Magnoliae Oil Properties

Extraction MethodSteam Distilled 

Packing25kg, 50kg,180kg/drum 


The herb is pungent in flavour, warm in nature and acts on the lung and stomach channels. Pungent and warm for dispersion and aromatic for moving about, with its floating effect, the herb is good at dispersing pathogenic wind and clearing nasal passage. It is an important herb to treat rhinorrhea with turbid discharge.

 Effects: Dispersing wind-cold and clearing nasal passage.

 Application: Medicinal material, medicine, health products raw materials, cosmetics, fragrances, cosmetics, flavoring etc.

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