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Lingonberry Extract Properties

Lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) is a native plant of the forests of Labrador and Northern Eurasia. The fruits of Lingonberry are nutritionally rich in vitamin C and other
phytontrients. Lingonberries are collected in the wild in Finland and eaten raw, which preserves most of their nutrients. Besides, lingonberries can be incorporated into juices,
jam, syrup and other form of processed food.

With respect to the functional effect of lingonberry, it has been renowned for its rich phytochemical contents such as arbutin, resveratrol, anthocyanidin and procyanidin.
Research studies on the functional effects of lingonberry are increasing in recent years.

LINGONBERRY EXTRACT is extracted from the seed of wild lingonberry fruits using organic solvent. Therefore, LINGONBERRY
EXTRACT is free from agricultural chemicals with excellent safety profile. In addition, research studies from our R&D showed that
LINGONBERRY EXTRACT inhibits melanin production in guinea pigs allowed it to be incorporated into functional beauty food and
cosmetic applications for skin whitening.

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