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Magnolia Flower Buds Oil





Magnolia Flower Buds Oil

Natural Rhinitis Buster

Magnolia Flower Buds

Magnolia Flower Buds Oil Properties


Astringe and protect the mucosa, improve the local circulation, promote the absorption of secretions, protect and clear the nasal passage and the trachea, inhibit nasal obstruction and running nose, alleviate nasal discomfort and effectively coagulate the blood scab.

Indications: Various colds, headache, rhinitis, running nose, nasal obstruction, and loss of smell, etc.

Application Fields:

Aromatherapy: The aroma of the magnolia flower essential oil can enter the respiratory tract, rapidly smooth the nasal passage, relieve pressure, improve insomnia and achieve health protection effect.

SPA: It can be used in bath oils. With the temperature of warm water, volatilized oil molecules can relieve the symptoms of cold and rhinitis, improve insomnia, remove fatigue and moisturize the skin.

Meridian massage: Massage is the main usage of essential oils in the western aromatherapy. The unique efficacy of magnolia flower essential oil can be better achieved through massage.


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