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Red Clover Extract


Red clover extract


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Red Clover Extract Properties

Red clover (Trifolium Pratense) is widely known both as a fodder plant and a wild herb. It was appointed as the National Flower of Denmark in 1936. Most likely, it originates from The Fertile Crescent – a region in the Middle East. For centuries, it has been one of the most vital plants of farming.

The red clover is rich on plant oestrogens – also known as phytoestrogens or isoflavones. These phytoestrogens attract out attention when using herbs for extracts. When women reach their menopause, it is the decrease in oestrogen levels, which affect their body and moods.

Herbalists through out times have used the herb and it has been associated with women's menopause. The high level of plant oestrogens help to maintain a more pleasant and calm menopause and remedy symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating, restlessness, and irritation.

The red clover extract consists of pressed juice from the leaves and flowers. The plants are harvested during the summer, when they are fresh and full of vitality, and then they are pressed and fermented in a process that enables us to digest those specific plant oestrogens. Peppermint, lemon balm, and sage is added to the extract. They are carefully selected in close collaboration with the leader of Urteskolen, Rikke Goerlich.


What makes these products from Herrens Mark so unique is the lactic acid fermentation. Fermentation with lactic acid is a natural process and it helps us with three things.

Firstly, the fermentation makes the extract reach a pH value of around 4, in which only the lactic acid bacteria thrives, and therefore it is not necessary to add alcohol or other preservatives.

Secondly, fermentation influences the body's ability to absorb the plant oestrogens from the red clover. The plant oestrogens are naturally held together with the sugar molecules, but the fermentation separates the sugar molecules from the plant oestrogens and thereby adds a structure that is directly taken up through the gut wall and into the bloodstream. Herrens Mark has applied for a patent on this unique processing of red clover.

Finally, the extract is not pasteurized, which preserve the living lactic acid bacteria, and they contribute to a good digestion.

What you will get is two products in the same carton; the good herbal extracts and the living lactic acid bacteria. Everything is preserved without using alcohol or any preservatives.

Plant oestrogens

The new varieties of red clover have a low content of plant oestrogens, but with Herrens Mark it is exactly the plant oestrogens, which are of interest and therefore we strive to find old varieties with higher content of plant oestrogens. We participate in a huge GUDP project 2014-2018, which focuses on developing and selecting old varieties and a continuing processing of the red clover.

Usage, dosage and durability

The red clover extract from Herrens Mark comes in a 2-litres bag-in- box. Bag-in- box secures a stable, practical, and hygienic packing of the product. As the bag empties, it closes around the remaining content, which avoids oxygenation and thereby secures the durability of the product for as long as possible..

The durability after use is minimum 12 months at living room temperature – best before the date of expiry.

The red clover extract has a bitter taste. If you prefer a less intense taste, you can add some fruit juice to the extract. We recommend pineapple juice, but feel free to try yourself. Should be enjoyed chilled, preferably.

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