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Rhodiola Rosea Extract (Salidroside)




Smilax aristolochiaefolia, ext.; Smilax aristolochiaefolia extract; Rhodiola Rosea; Rhodiola Rosea Extract; Rhodiolaroseal.P.E; Salidrosides; Rhodiola

3%, 5%


Rhodiola Rosea Extract (Salidroside) Properties

Salidroside is a compound that extracted from dry roots, rhizomes or the whole dry body of Rhodiola wallichiana (Crassulaceae),with the function of preventing cancer, enhancing immunologic function, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, anti-anoxia, anti-radiation, dual-direction regulation of central nervous system, and repairing and protecting the body and so on. It is commonly used as a treatment for chronic diseases and frail susceptible patients. Clinically, it is used for the treatment of neurasthenia and neurosis, and for improving attention and memory, high altitude polycythemia and hypertension. As a nervous stimulant, it is used to improve intellectual capacity, vegetative nervous system, vascular dystonia and myasthenia; it is also used for the treatment of diseases with increased free radical, such as cancer, radiation damage, emphysema, and senile cataracts; also used as a tonic for impotence. Salidroside preparation is also used in sports medicine and aerospace medicine, in health protection for people who work under various special environmental conditions.
Rhodiola has the functions of adaptogen and dual-direction regulation. After microwave radiation, monoamine neurotransmitters and cyclic adenosine monophosphate in spleen and thymus, lymphocyte transformation rate, and serum hemolysin in the brain of mice show prohibitive changes, and Rhodiola can make the changes back to normal. After injection of Salidroside, the functions of thyroid and adrenal in rabbits enhanced, and the secretion function in eggs of mouse was excited. It can improve concentration and memory and increase the level of β-indoxyl in plasma and prevent changes of stress hormones.


Antibacterial effects; cardiovascular protection, effective anti-oxidant, anti-cancer activity, enhancing memory, anti-radiation effect.

Rhodiola crenulata (Crassulaceae)

Rhodiola has nearly 100 species in the world, and they mainly distribute in the Himalayas, north-west Asia and North America. There are more than 80 species in China, mostly distributing in the southwest, northwest, north and northeast regions, and the main producing areas are Jilin, Hebei, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Tibet etc.
Rhodiola is a new developed important plant source of anti-fatigue, anti-aging and anti-anoxia medicines. Rhodiola extract is a product that extracted from dried rhizome of Rhodiola rosea L. as raw materials. Commercial extract generally contains 4% Salidroside.

Figure 1 is a figure of plant Rhodiola. 
Modern medical research shows that the precious Rhodiola crenulata in genus Rhodiola containes rhodosin, salidroside, tyrosol salidroside, rhodiola lactone and 35 microelements, 18 amino acids , vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and SOD.
The content of salidroside in different species of Rhodiola has large difference, and Wang Xiaoqin determined the content of salidroside in six Rhodiola species that native to Qinghai by HPLC method (see Table 6-5).

Pharmacological effects

1. Anti-fatigue effects: taking in Rhodiola kirilowii orally can prolong climbing time, swimming time and load swimming time in mice, and shorten the time required for recovery from fatigue, and improve levels of enzymes, RNA and protein, thus helping muscle to recover after fatigue as soon as possible.
2. The impact on the central nervous media: Rhodiola can normalize the content of 5-hydroxytryptamine under swimming conditions, meaning that the media content of central nervous is corrected to normal levels. Injection of salidroside (30-300mg/kg) can reduce the level of 5-hydroxytryptamine.
3. Anti-hypoxia effects: taking in Rhodiola kirilowii extract orally can make test animals show antagonism to all kinds of hypoxic mode, and the effect is stronger than that of ginseng and Acanthopanax.
4, Anti-aging effects: Rhodiola extract can increase the activity of red blood cells and liver SOD in rat and has the potential to increase the activity of myocardium SOD. Parasarcophaga similis can significantly prolong lifespan after taking in Rhodiola extract, and the rate of life extension is better than ginseng. Rhodiosin is known to promote 2BS cell proliferation and reduce mortality, and it can inhibit lipid peroxidation in rat and enhance the activity of superoxide dismutase.
5. Anti-tumor: Rhodosin has certain inhibition on S180 cells, and this effect was enhanced with increasing concentration in the non-toxic dose range. Continuously taking in Rhodiola extract orally can reduce the cancer-leading damage degree of rubomycin on intestinal wall in mice, and enhance the body's anti-cancer ability.
6. Detoxification: Salidroside can antagonize the intoxication of strychnine and improve the survival rate of mice with strychninism poisoning to 50%; it also has an antagonistic effect on Corynebacterium toxins and can protect against tetanus and other bacterial toxins, increasing the survival time or survival rate of the mice that take in potent poison, cyanide, or sodium nitrite.

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