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(+)-Sodium L-ascorbate, L(+)-Ascorbic acid sodium salt, Vitamin C sodium salt


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Ascorbate Acid

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Sodium Ascorbate Properties

Sodium ascorbate is sodium salt of ascorbic acid (commonly known as vitamin C),which is approved for use as a food additive in many countries. Sodium ascorbate is consisted of a combination of sodium and vitamin C, which commonly serve as an antioxidant and an acidity regulator in pharmaceutical manufacturing and in the food industry. In this mixture, sodium acts as a buffer, creating a less acidic supplement than those made entirely from vitamin C. It can be easier to tolerate if the digestive system is sensitive to acid. As a vitamin C supplement, it provides both sodium and vitamin C for human body, which is effective to prevent or treat vitamin C deficiency. Besides, studies have shown that taking sodium ascorbate is helpful with cancer prevention and treatment.


Chemical Properties

white to off-white solid


L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is a water soluble molecule used in a wide variety of applications, including cell culture, as a reducing agent that helps reduce oxidative stress.


As antimicrobial and antioxidant in foodstuffs.


ChEBI: An organic sodium salt resulting from the replacement of the proton from the 3-hydroxy group of ascorbic acid by a sodium ion.

General Description

Minute crystals or white powder. pH of aqueous solutions 5.6 to 7.0 or even higher (a 10% solution, made from a commercial grade, may have a pH of 7.4 to 7.7).

Air & Water Reactions

Water soluble. Aqueous solutions are subject to quick air oxidation at pH greater than 6.0.

Reactivity Profile

A weak base. Materials in this group are generally soluble in water. The resulting solutions contain moderate concentrations of hydroxide ions and have pH's greater than 7.0. They react as bases to neutralize acids. These neutralizations generate heat, but less or far less than is generated by neutralization of the bases in reactivity group 10 (Bases) and the neutralization of amines. They usually do not react as either oxidizing agents or reducing agents but such behavior is not impossible.

Health Hazard

SYMPTOMS: Ingestion of 10 grams or more of this type of compound may cause diarrhea.

Fire Hazard

Flash point data for Sodium ascorbate are not available. Sodium ascorbate is probably combustible.

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